Saturday, February 03, 2007

Womens Team Sprint Championships

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"Why is there no Womens Team Sprint at the 2007 NZ Track Championships?
This event was introduced at the 2004 Nationals, where it attracted more teams than the mens team sprint.
In '05 the entries were poor, because the event was left off the draft programs, so most Centres were unaware the event was being run.

In 2006 the Womens Team Sprint disappeared altogether. Nobody at CNZ was able to explain to me how the event had come to be dropped from the program, or who had made the decision.

The Womens Team Sprint Championship was added to the nationals program at the 2003 Cycling NZ AGM. I wonder who, other than another CNZ AGM , has the authority to remove the event from the program?"

I'm struggling to see any logic behind the dropping of this event.
The only change that should arguably have been made is from three to two rider teams, as the UCI has done at Track World Cups. There should not be a single Centre in the country that could not field a two-woman team.



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