Sunday, July 01, 2007

BikeNZ sells us out to the CarBiz

It's a measure of the ineffectiveness of BikeNZ's cycling advocacy program that a car company would provide three cars for the BikeNZ office.

Subaru are obnoxious.
A large part of their advertising emphasises high-performance, morally aiding and abetting the obnoxious road behaviour that discourages people from walking or cycling even near their own homes.
Subaru's advertising has consistently promoted the concept that it is only permissible to enjoy cycling when it is contingent on the use of their product. Riding from your front door would seem to be unacceptable to BikeNZ's new sponsor.

This concept of the bicycle as purely sporting or leisure product is an aberation of the late 20th century, now rendered obsolete by the prospect of peak oil, resulting in continual fuel price increases; not to mention the moral and practical exigencies of climate change.


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